What is Ice Cream Anarchy?
Ice Cream Anarchy is a tiny, independent ice cream making operation out of Calgary. We hand deliver locally sourced, seasonal pints to your doorstep every month when you become a member.
And, starting December 6th 2012, Ice Cream Anarchy will be for sale at Sunnyside Natural Market in Kensington. I’ll be tweeting the flavours as they roll in and out so you will know when to run down there. So, follow us on Twitter at @icecreamanarchy, and spread the word.
Who started Ice Cream Anarchy and Why?
WHO: Ice Cream Anarchy is the culmination of my (ICA’s founder, chief ice cream maker and bottle washer, Susan Bernstein’s) love and appreciation of food, flavor, and quality ingredients. It is the result of growing up in Brooklyn and working at Peter’s Ice Cream Parlor and realizing the simple magic ice cream can make. Of blasting punk rock while cooking and dancing around my tiny New York City apartment. Of traveling around the world and eating exotic food. Of falling in love. Of moving to Calgary. Of having two little boys who love to eat treats. Of wanting to create something pure, fresh, and free of the additives that too often clog our food choices and bodies. Of creating something that I can feel good about sharing with my family and friends.

WHY: My search to create new, adventurous ice cream flavors has naturally led me to become a part of Calgary's growing locavore movement – something I really believe in, especially now that I have children of my own and really really care about what they put in their bodies. Working with local farmers and artisans has allowed me to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts, with flavors both sweet and savory that are never boring, always fresh and not for the faint-at-heart. Ice Cream Anarchy is ice cream for the playful adult and the sophisticated child.

The basics:
I make it, you eat it. It’s really that simple. The last week of the month, members receive an email announcing the following month’s flavor. You pick your delivery date and I get to work making ice cream just for you. Two pints are then HAND-DELIVERED to your house (or place of business or hairdressers) soon thereafter.
What if I'm not home when you **deliver** the ice cream?
You must be there to receive your ice cream. If you are going to be away, please employ a trusted friend to accept it for you. We stress trusted, to underline the distinct possibility of consumption.

**Don’t you agree Calgary needs more delivery??? I don't know about you, but if someone drove in the hovering-around-zero-degree-weather to my house with, say, delicious Thai food, hot Italian, exotic Chinese, ICE CREAM or fresh bread I would be so, so grateful.

How much does a membership cost?
2 home made pints that you can’t get ANYWHERE ELSE, made from mostly organic, fresh and local ingredients, DELIVERED TO YOUR HOME, will set you back $25 bucks a month. Memberships are available for 3 months, 6 months, or even a year!
Can I please be a member?
Members must live within the delivery zone. In the north of the city, you must live south of 32nd Ave. between Deerfoot and Crowchild. In the south, you must live north of 33rd Ave. and between Blackfoot in the east and 29th Street in the west.


Will you deliver to my downtown office?
Absolutely. And we will even bring extra spoons for you to share with your co-workers...because you will be sharing.
Can I give an Ice Cream Anarchy membership as a gift?
Yes, as long as the recipients live or work within the zone.
Is there any wiggle room with this “zone”?
Perhaps! Nothing is set in stone (anarchy!) If there is a great need for ice cream outside of the zone, and, let's say, you and five of your neighbors all want Ice Cream Anarchy, I feel certain we can accommodate.
Are all of your flavors named after songs?
How can I pay you for this amazing service?
Payments are accepted via Pay Pal or cash under the table.
I would like to know even more about Ice Cream Anarchy.
Visit us on Facebook or check out our blog. Both are jam packed with photos, songs, flavors of the month, experiments, results of said experiments and a place for you to send your thoughts, ideas, invitations to dinner etc….

So click here and sign up!





Mostly organic, mostly local, mostly seasonal, ALL GOOD!